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Assetreal Investment has built a prosperous historical record in the real estate industry dating back over 18 years. Since it's inception in 2020, the company has gone on to become a house hold name in the real estate industry both locally and internationally.


    Our services includes but not limited to purchase and sales of landed properties which includes commercial and residential properties, acquisition and management of luxury estates, development of state of the arts apartment complexes. The company also carry out commercial, financial and other activities that are related to the purpose of the company and that are suitable for directly or indirectly promoting the development of the company and the achievement of the company’s purpose.


    Over the years, Assetreal Investment has expanded its portfolio of operations both horizontally and vertically into the transportation and logistics business. Innovation and top-notch service serves as the cornerstones of Assetreal investment. We specialize in helping our clients achieve their business objectives through our impressive investment network.

In addition, we have developed an array of tools and processes that ensure effective cross-border contracts to our business partners globally. Fueled by progressive thought and an eagerness to change, Assetreal Investment has swiftly adapted its operations to meet the ever-changing demands; specializing in identity preservation, tractability, and logistics. Assetreal investment has expanded its operations beyond the borders of Seon, becoming an International presence with customers located worldwide.

Assetreal Investment is a well established and goal-oriented company with a team of professional investment managers who understands the dynamics of real estate investment. We aim at increasing market share in the interest of our shareholders and investors.

In conclusion, we are a company that operates and invests in real estate and property assets that generate solid returns for our shareholders and investors. Ethics, efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and profitability is imbibed in our principle and also part of our mission. It is with this fundamental foundation of values that we invigorate Assetreal investment.